Sexual Strategy is Innate to Your Brain Chemistry

The common fallacy we commonly hear is that we use only 10% of our brain.  According to pop culture movies, just take PZT and you can access 100% of your potential and surpass anyone in anything.  In truth, the brain is incredibly plastic in that it is always changing.  This plasticity allows infants to learn a language intrinsically.  As we get older this plasticity lessens but never goes away.  When your finger gets touched, a section of your brain “lights up” with neuron activity.  Cut this finger off and the neighboring brain real estate will absorb this space for your other fingers.  Touch your other finger and that same space “lights up”. The brain is a use it-or-lose-it dog-eat-dog world.
How does this play into sexual strategy?  It reinforces red pill mantra that a red pill man needs to cut out porn.  Sexuality is innate and is measurable in even infants (this has since been refuted as faulty science since publication on the pretence of border-lined child abuse at the hands of Alfred Kinsey) . Let’s take a look at a wonderfully informative book called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D. who spouts red pill truths in his chapter “Acquiring Tastes and Loves”.
“Sexual plasticity may seem to have reached its height in those who have had many different partners, learning to adapt to each new lover, but think of the plasticity required of the aging married couple with a good sex life. They looked very different when they met in their twenties than they do now in their sixties, yet their libidos adjust, so they remain attracted.”
If you have more partners you will develop more fetishes and become more kinky. You will never meet a virgin into BDSM.  This goes the other way too, find a girl with a low partner count and she is good LTR material because her brain will change to stay attracted to you sexually as long as you still appeal to her mentally.  The emotional and sexual are connected.  Lift, run dread, maintain frame.  A low body count doesn’t prevent branch swinging, but it makes it easier to manage any innate hypergamy.
“Love is too remarkably flexible, and its expression has changed through history.  Though we speak of romantic love as the most natural of sentiments, in fact the concentration of our adult hopes for intimacy, tenderness, and lust in one person until death do us part is not common in all societies and has only recently become widespread in our own.  For millennia most marriages were arranged by parents for practical reasons.”
Love is a social construct.  Love is fickle.  Hypergamy is innate.  “Modern” marriage based on true love is a blue pill ideology.  Previously we married based on needs.  Marry the girl, get land, she’ll learn to love you.  This is our natural progression.  This is why there was so much emphasis on virgins 1000 years ago.  That 0 partner count meant she is orders of magnitude more likely to stay faithful to you and manage your home and children while you were away fighting wars and killing bears.  Add in the fact that you are doing masculine activities just to survive in the cave man world and you have natural frame thanks to that socioeconomic patriarchy of physical dependence for survival.
Side note: Notice how the women’s rights movement didn’t take off until society was modernized and had removed our need to grow our own food.  They were no longer physically dependent on men for survival.
“[…] an adult’s ability to love intimately and sexually unfolds in stages, beginning in the infant’s first passionate attachments to its parents.  He [Freud] learned from his patients, and from observing children, that early childhood, not puberty, was the first critical period for sexuality and intimacy, and that children are capable of passionate, protosexual feelings – crushes, love feelings, and in some cases sexual excitement.
Traces of childhood sentiments in adult love and sexuality are detectable in everyday behaviors.  When adults in our culture have tender foreplay, or express their most intimate adoration, they often call each other “baby” or “babe.” They use terms of endearment that their mothers used with them as children…Even “talking dirty” shows traces of infantile sexual stages…Freud showed many sexual mysteries can be understood as critical-period fixations.  After Freud, we are no longer surprised that the girl who’s father left her as a child pursues unavailable men old enough to be her father.”
Translation: Stay away women with daddy issues. Dr. Doidge unknowingly spouts red pill truths in that last sentence. If a girl doesn’t have a strong father figure in her critical period of plastic development, she has no brain space for chemically bonding love.  She will fuck her way through the CC because she literally doesn’t know any better.  She doesn’t physically feel intimacy and is riding the CC in search of the enigmatic feeling she can never get.
“During the mid-to late 1990s, when the Internet was growing rapidly and pornography was exploding on it, I [Doidge] treated or assessed a number of men who all had essentially the same story.  Each had acquired a taste for a kind of pornography that, to a greater or lesser degree, troubled or even disgusted him, had a disturbing effect on the pattern of his sexual excitement, and ultimately affected his relationships and sexual potency…They reported increasing difficulty in being turned on by their actual sexual partners, spouses or girlfriends, though they still considered them objectively attractive.”
Porn creates the excretion of dopamine   This is your brain on drugs. No fap is extreme, but you, as a man, need to get off to stay healthy.  Less sex is tied to higher risk or prostate cancer.  If you must masturbate, do it in the shower with memories and no porn.  We love to jack off to porn because that dopamine rush is awesome and as your brain gets used to it, it demands that rush. It will hold your dick hostage and won’t let you get it up.  ED in young men is rising due to porn use.  Turn it off, go to a bar and find a girl with daddy issues if you must.  Just wrap it up.
Dopamine is awesome.  It is a neural reward transmitter. It gives us a surge of energy, exciting pleasure, and confidence.  This is why we get a runner’s high and why gym is lyfe.
“Each time the drug is used, more “delta Fos B” [brain protein produced by addictions] accumulates, until it throws a genetic switch, affecting which genes are turned on or off.  Flipping this switch causes changes that persist long after the drug is stopped, leading to irreversible damage to the brain’s dopamine system and rendering the animal far more prone to addiction.”
Porn literally changes your brain chemistry.  These effects translate to every aspect of your life.  You can’t get up in the morning because you are addicted to dopamine.  There is no pleasure in waking up at 4am to kick ass at the gym.  Your body hates it. You aren’t giving it any dopamine, you aren’t even neutral but actually experiencing a deprivation of pleasure.  The best thing you can do to fix your porn addiction is by going to the gym.  The brain is plastic so when you go to the gym and get a very small dose of dopamine, you are beginning to train your brain to changes itself and it’s map to reward the god of Iron instead the god of Pleasure.  After years of discipline, waking up at 4am for worship will no longer suck balls but be invigorating.
The plastic map of the brain can often cross connect.  The region of sensory for the foot is right next to that of our genitals. This cross wiring is why some people have extreme foot fetishes. Why some men prefer boobs to butt, etc.
The brain experiences plasticity primarily in adolescence.  This young age is when we are nurtured by our parents and first experience unconditional love.
“Romantic love triggers such a powerful emotion that we can reconfigure what we find attractive, even overcoming “objective” beauty.  “
As we grow up the nurturing love we feel as children is reinvigorated as adults.  This explains MILF fetishes with men who were abused by their mothers.  The brain was denied it in adolescence and is trying to fill that void later in life.
Cocaine acts by lowering our threshold in which pleasure centers will fire.  It doesn’t make us happy, but allows simply things to become euphoric. Chemical Love is the same way.  The same neural transmitters fire in both conditions.
“Recent fMRI scans of lovers looking at photos of their sweethearts show that a part of the brain with great concentrations of dopamine is activated; their brains looked like those of people on cocaine.”
A man falls in love with a woman and stops trying (working out, pursuing her, running dread, etc).  His pleasure centers are inundated, why try harder, right?  She becomes abusive because she didn’t sign on for a faggot fat ass. Beta bitch stays around trying to force those pleasure centers to fire, trying to get that original high.  Oneitis is literally a drug addiction.
“A tolerance can develop in happy lovers as they get used to each other.  Dopamine likes novelty. When monogamous mates develop a tolerance for each other and lose the romantic high they once had, the changes may be a sign… their plastic brains have so well adapted to each other that it’s harder for them to get the same buzz they once got from each other.”
This explains why couples in open marriages report higher than average feelings towards their relationships than monogamous couples.  Our brain wants variety and any married man or otherwise long-term relationship must continually foster that variety to keep forming new neural connections of love.  If you must get married, stimulate this by trying new things together, new clothes, and surprising each other.  The key is to not fall into a rut.  Date your wife.
Understanding how your brain works is the first step to learning how you can manipulate it to your advantage in life and the lives of others.  This mentality is applied copiously in fitness and nutrition, teaching the client what food does to your body is the first step in getting them to change their habits.  I hope the same can be seen here with sexuality and the brain.  More on this later.
Until Next Time,
-Han Larson
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5 thoughts on “Sexual Strategy is Innate to Your Brain Chemistry

  1. Much needed advice and insight into ‘knowing thyself’; the phrase is easily bandied about, but now with the knowledge of the science of how the brain functions, there literally is no excuse for us to not acknowledge this information and leverage it into knowledge (i.e. information experienced)


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