Dance Game, Part 4: Passive Dance Game

I’m sure anyone who has read all three previous articles is glad I’m finally getting to the point of the series: How to run Game while partner dancing.  It took a while because it was necessary to get your mental point of origin the same as mine by explaining
  1. Why the club sucks
  2. The beauty of dancing
  3. Which dance style is best for you
These are all important because if not read, you are going to call me crazy and any information following this isn’t going to make sense.  So, if you haven’t read the above, go back and revisit.
The most gripping thing most men complain to me about is they don’t want to ask a girl to dance.  “What if she says no?” You say ‘okay, no problem’ and ask her friend – a solid 50/50 chance.  If there are more than two girls, don’t ask because the second might say yes then you’re obligated to dance with the third girl no matter how fat she is.  If the second girl says no then you must ask the third girl which points out that she is third rate and not worthy of your first approach.  It also makes you come off as desperate.
Instead, if you ask a group of girls to dance you have two options:
  1. Ask them all to dance, “would any of you lovely ladies like to dance?”
  2. Ask the one you’re interested in
    1. Walk away if rejected
    2. Dance with every girl in the group after dancing with her, starting with the fattest chick
Still on the topic of asking, let’s say you want to dance with her again. You’ve asked before and she gave good IOIs (hugged you, thanked you profusely, bought you a shot or invited you back to her table), you extracted yourself from the table and danced at least 3 songs with other women and now you want to ask her again.  Walk up and extend your hand; look into her eyes, slight half smile with arm outstretched. She will take it and enjoy every moment.
As you get more clout as a dancer (people watching you – not to be confused with seeing you), this works well on girls standing at the edge of the dance floor who you’ve never danced with.
If you are good, and you are good terms with her either as a Connection (see below) or personal friendship, you can run game with a “come hither” motion of your finger.  Lock eyes, point at her, the roll your finger like you would a dog. Obviously, if you crouch down low that is bad, but upright and bold and she’ll eat it up.
Congratulations, she said yes!  First things first: dance.  In the early stages of dancing with women you will have to rely on natural attraction to spite ineptness of your dancing.  Suck it up butter cup, put in your dues and just don’t be creepy.  Generally speaking, when dancing, nothing is her fault.  If the dance sucks that is on you.  If you want to Game women, your first priority is to show her a good time and the first priority of that is to be a competent dancer.
Cut to 3 months of studious practice: you are now marginally equivalent or better than most women.  Just enough to not be blubbering on the dance floor.  Now you can really focus on making her swoon for you.  Let’s run through a few common phrases you may here from women.  These are often when they are intimidated by your skills on the dance floor.
“Oh I can’t dance”
I couldn’t either when I started
“I have a purse”
l’ll spin you slowly
“I’m with my friends”
I’m going to dance with them too, don’t worry.
“I’m really bad”
Question. Can you count to 8?
“Yes, haha”
Then you can dance. In two step you only have to count to 3.
“I really don’t know what I’m doing…”
When in doubt. Spin.
If one of you makes an obvious mistake, blow it off.
That’s okay, nobody saw it.
When the song ends, be sure to dip her if the song calls for it.  If the end is sudden and you didn’t hear it coming, look her in the eye and tell her thank you for the dance.  If she doesn’t immediately walk away, usher her back to her seat, and if need be, take her fat friend for a dance.
As previously stated, dip her if you can and dip her low. Women love being dipped because they enjoy being manhandled and feeling beautiful at the same time.  The lower you go, the more control you show that you have as a dominance display.
Some girls will be apprehensive, typically if they are very bad dancers or overweight.  Just dip them as low as they allow you or as low as you can hold them without falling over. TIP: keep your back as straight and upright as possible.  Most instructors won’t mention this.  Don’t lean over when you dip, it pulls your center of gravity forward and you will fall over.
Once you get more comfortable with her or perhaps you want to run game while taking a dance lesson, you can wink at her.  Typically do this
  1. at the end of the song
  2. when you finish a practiced move
  3. when she rotates down the line
As you become a better dancer you will gain a heightened awareness on how to read the women you are dancing with.  Their micro-expressions will become acutely aware to you.  Her body language will be read from her fingertips.  You will understand what a Connection is.
In the state of dancer Being, finding Connection is the Holy Grail.  These are the women you will ultimately be able to steal away into bed.  There are two unspoken truths about Connection that are hushed in the dance world:
  1. Connection can be one way
  2. Connection is rare, but it isn’t a unicorn
Connection can be one way as in you many love dancing with a woman and she is stone board cold on the inside behind that smile.  This is the cold hard truth but the ailment is treatable.  Often enough it means you are too rough on your lead or you have bad timing.
    Rough leads are ultimately shunned in the dance world.  These men will be so ambivalent towards how gruff they are manhandling their follow that it makes the whole experience unpleasant for her.  You may be having the time of your life, but she will tell you a flat no that next song.
    Advanced women (more likely found at a weekend event than a bar) will refuse to dance with noobs who have poor timing.  Their whole enjoyment comes from hitting the music, from being sassy to bonding to the lyrics and the flow of the music, this gets interrupted if their leader doesn’t know the difference between a 1, 4, and a 12 step.  If you don’t understand what I mean about her bonding to the music, reread Part 2.
Either way, this one sided Connection is bad.  If it happens, you will not notice it and will look like a boob as you try to run Game.  Like a virus, best action is prevention and to learn how to be a good dancer(or, at least, better than her). Until that point is reached, this is inevitable.
Conversely, if you are routinely dancing with women below your status in the dancing world as I just recommended (like everything, be top 20%), then a one way Connection from her side is possible.  This is what happened to me last year when I had 3 women in one night propositioning me. This is an ideal situation to be in as a man because she will literally be throwing herself at you.  How do you tell she felt that Connection?
  1. She asks you to dance, often.
    1. If she asks for another dance as soon as the last song ends, you’re golden.
  2. You can look at her and she runs onto the floor to you (implement the “come hither”)
  3. Her dancing is more flirtatious or sexual than typical
    1. more hip rolls or twerking
    2. leaning up against you
    3. body language indicating she wants closed position
Connection is rare, but it isn’t a unicorn. On a sample size of one, I, personally, experience a Connection with a woman about 1 out of 10 followers.  Now this may sound like a low number to you, but even are a small two step bar there are upwards of 100 women dancing.  At a weekend dance convention, try over a thousand.  1/10th of 1000 is 100 women with sex potential.  How many PUAs offer that?
So yes, the mysterious Connection is all and all hard to find, but it ins’t impossible. Add booze and late night shenanigans and flirting isn’t that hard if you are looking for a quick quality lay.
This post has gotten longer than I intended, I’m sure your attention span is waning.  I have push a lot of nitty gritty details on how to piece part flirt on the floor without developing a reputation to Part 5 as Active Game, extending the series to 6 parts.

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