Dance Game, Part 5: Active Dance Game

Last week my post got too long for a blog and turned into a full fledged peer review journal with not near enough sources.  Here is the second half.  If you haven’t read Part 4, go back and read that first.  In that article, we discussed the mass intricacies (as oxymoronic as that sounds) of how to even ask a woman to dance and finish a song without spoiling your chances as fostering attraction.  We also discussed how and when a woman is open to being attracted to you in a passive Game sense.  This article will focus on the active Game of leveraging intrinsic, passive, attraction of Part 4.
We covered rejection last week by simply telling her “okay, no problem” then ask her friend instead.  In terms of theory, this shows abundance mentality towards not approaching her because she is hot but because you want to dance.  If you feel like she might say “no” (not “no” because you’re a wuss and looking for an excuse, but “no” because of hot bitch shield) then ask her friend to dance first.  Ignore the Blonde.
Careful, if her friend says “no” then it will be hard to get her on the floor while she is being mate guarded like this.  Under such a pretense, wait and see if anyone asks either girl to dance. Don’t stare, just keep an eyeball on the table.  If either one dances your chances of a “yes” go up assuming she isn’t dancing with friends only (dance cliques covered later).
If you get rejected the proper response is not to walk away without a word down the bar to the next woman. The proper response is read of the circumstances which generally fall into one of two categories:
  1. You want to dance
  2. You want to game her
Now, given the whole point of the article is to run dance Game, we can just leave “okay, no problem” for when you are in circumstance one.  Thank her and walk away, find another girl at least 15 feet away.
For the second circumstance, you are trying to get more familiar with her and need to engage in conversation.  Most Manosphere experts don’t generally recommend self deprecating, but due to the nature of everyone being self conscious about their dancing, it works very well in this setting.  The caveat to this is to treat it like an onion: enough for flavor, but don’t overpower the dish.
Circumstance 2 breaks into two separate categorizes:
a) You know she dances
b) You don’t know
I may need to make you a freaking flow chart soon…
If she dances then she is turning you down because she sees you as a low value leader. You aren’t worth her time.  This is also true if she is involved in a dance clique and there with her friends and everyone dances with everyone in the limits of the clique.
In country bars, most men don’t let their girls dance with other men. This has not been personally experienced in other styles.
If you want this woman to dance with you, you must draw her in a competition or demonstrate yourself as a higher value male than she currently perceives you.  In effect, keep dancing, hone your skills further.
If she isn’t a dancer or a lower level than you, she may turn you down out of concern you are too good for her.  This is a great position to be in.  All you have to do is get her on the floor and show her a good time (i.e. make her feel beautiful) and it becomes very easy.  This setup of unknown is a good place to neg her and yourself.  Examples to not be repeated verbatim are:
Now that you know how to identify a woman who would be open to Game, it is time to leverage attraction – the de facto hitting on women aspect.
Kino is King.
You are hand in hand, body to body with these women.  Use it.
Implement Sticky Eyes. Pretend your eyes are “glued” to hers like taffy.  Don’t break eye contact even after she is done speaking, looking away signals disinterest. 100% eye contact is awkward so look way slowly, reluctantly.  Let that taffy stretch thin and stringy until it breaks.
For example: you haven’t seen your best friend all year because he was hunting lions in Africa and how he is telling you how he almost got eaten by a crocodile.  Your attention is rapt and suddenly someone calls your name, repeatedly.  You don’t want him to stop but this must be important seeing as you’re hosting his homecoming party in your loft.  You turn your head first, your eyes still tracking his, then reluctantly pull away (stretching the taffy) to look at the pansy complaining the ice maker is out of ice.
Do that, with her, every dance.
As you are boring your souls together, you can implement more sensuous contact.  These tactics vary based on song tempo.  For faster songs:
  • Lead body rolls
  • Roll your butt
  • Roll her butt
  • Let her play
This adds to her feeling of connection.  It makes her feel that you “get” her because most men are just selfish.  She comes first absolutely applies here.
  • Know the song, when it says something sexual, give her a chance to be sexual
Too many guys are holding her hip to hip when the song has the word “shake” in it. That isn’t fun to her.  If you aren’t fun, you aren’t attractive.  No, that doesn’t mean never dance to slow songs.  For slow songs:
  • Let her play
Same note as below except you move as if you’re in water.
  • Touch her arm
If you touch her arm when dancing fast, that is fine but it won’t do anything.  She will interpret it as a mistake on your part.  Do it too much and she will get creeped out.  On that note, there is a fine line with this when dancing with women you don’t know.  Too much and you’re done.  Not enough and no tingles.  Rule of thumb for you noobs, once every other dance or when the song calls for it.
  • Trace your finger up her side in an open closed position
You’ve seen this classic scene in Dirty Dancing  and that is exactly why it works.  Same note on creepiness as above.
  • Be excessively touchy as noted above
  • looking down at your feet
  • looking down at her boobs
  • touching her boobs/butt
  • weird smiles
    • make yours soft if you feel a need, otherwise just let it come natural.  If you don’t want to smile – don’t.
  • Being excessively sweaty
    • I’ll bring 5 shirts per night at any dance convention
This is actually very very simple:  always be closing. If you flirt with everyone there is no baseline to compare against and you are naturally flirty.  NOTE: I didn’t say hit on The difference, gentlemen, is between your dial setting at 6 to 9.  Always keep your pot at warm so you can turn it up to boiling at will.
Flirt with the old women. Flirt with the fat friends.  Flirt with her.  Flirt with the bartender.  In essence, always be overly friendly (not nice).  Nice guys buy women drinks.  Friendly guys give her friends solicited advice and encouragement.
I understand the controversy many red pill guys may have with that statement.  If you take women home every night by asking to put it in her butt, then more power too you.  Dancing to myself is a social endeavor as much as a running Game.  Women innately can sense men taking dance lessons just to meet women.  It is painfully obvious, even to me.  Change your mindset to being there to learn to dance and meeting women will come as a natural progression.  Remember, your best chances of landing poon comes when you are better than her.

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