Dance Game, Part 6: The Extraneous Benefits of Dancing

First off, I apologize for this article being late.  Also, I’m an idiot and forgot to hit publish on Part 5 so I’m sure there were some frustrated readers.
Back story:  I just vacated an apartment, flew across the country, drove back and then moved all my stuff into a house.  Between all that traveling, changing documents, getting a new dog, building a home gym, fixing all the new house errors, registering for classes, and still working full time… this just didn’t happen.
But I’m back on a breath of air.
For reference, read these if you haven’t already:
As the final article in the series, I want to discuss with you the extraneous effects and benefits of dancing.  Once I tell you all the positive aspects, I’ll close out the series with a few warnings. This will be short and sweet, let’s get at it!
You will be amazed at the diversity of characters you meet at any dance scene.  Dancing isn’t like most hobbies
Archery: hunters
Yoga: vegan nuts, SJWs, soccer moms
Toast Masters: businessmen
Hiking: health nuts, nature weirdos
Painting: cat ladies
Car shows: car nuts
Dancing is one of those few activities that gathers a variety of people into it
Dancers: vegans, engineers, artists, salesmen, businessmen, hunters, oil men
Runners: vegans, soccer moms, businessmen, health nuts
Meet these people and practice talking to them.  Don’t even think about sex and women and you’ll still be amazed at who you meet.  Many people travel to events. I know people in nearly every state.  I can sleep for free in at least one major city per state.  If I go to the right city in Brazil I’ll have the hook up too:P
Dancing is like running except you don’t die with every step.  One of the biggest differences I experienced was I could dance all night and when barely able to run a mile.  The cardiovascular is different, dancing all night won’t make you a marathon athlete, but it will give you a good sweat.  If you are like me and struggle to get cardio into your routine, a night dancing will fly by and you’ll be worn out at the end without any intermediary fatigue.
Before you ask, no.  Girls are not typically put off by your sweat as long as you take care to manage it.
Dance conventions are a gold mine of loose women.  Last one I went to I had 3 women in the same night offer sex.  This came from passive game, be careful to not run around like a horn dog.  Girls can sense desperation and beta tendencies but seem to be acutely aware of it in the dance scenes.  I think this is because there is a stigma associated with dancing for it to be borderline gay.  Many people are self conscious of being perceived as less masculine for being an accomplished dancer.  As a result of this, women intuitively know when a man is there specifically to meet women. Part of the mating process I presume.
With that said, return to the previous articles if you’ve forgotten, dance because you want to – not because you want something out of it – and your aura of game will improve intrinsically.
With that last warning, I send thee off into the realm of Men.  Conquer the land and report back the riches is has sown, thee.

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