Life is a Comedy. Everyone dies in the end.

You were not put on this earth to get fat, watch porn, go to work and hate your miserable life just to come home and buy low grade weed to smoke yourself out of your self imposed misery.  You were not created to waste away in insolence, ignorance, or disdain.

You were created to conquer the world and have dominion over it.  To tame the unknown and submit your authority, before God and men, show yourself as worthy of the breath you take.  There are lesser men wishing to be you.  There a greater men cut down for less.

Make every day count and count every day.  Life is like a puff of smoke and you can be gone in an instant.  I myself want to fall over dead one as a cross the finish line of an Iron man.  I don’t care when though I’d prefer to be in my 90s.

In comedies everyone one dies.  Shakespeare got that part right.  Live life, enjoy it.  In the end you will end up a sack of dust just like the hasbeen version of yourself who smokes his paycheck and lives of toxic fast food.


Don’t come crying to me when you fall over from a heart attack at 47.  I’ll be laughing hysterically because in the end life is for naught unless we make is worth something.

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